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1 tlk45370151_03_msg0001 84 That fool Roderich! He just had to act carelessly, and look where it got us! Taken advantage of by Torna!
2 tlk45370151_03_msg0002 84 If it weren't for Indol's intervention, who knows what might have happened!
3 tlk45370151_03_msg0003 84 I suppose we'd better be thankful for that.
4 tlk45370151_03_msg0004 84 I expect the pro-war faction of the Senate will be forced to lie low for a while after this, too.
5 tlk45370151_03_msg0005 84 Roderich's actions were reckless and terrible, but in the end, they may have worked to our advantage.
6 tlk45370151_03_msg0006 84 I'm sure Roderich himself will not escape a harsh sentence, of course...