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1 tlk45350251_03_msg0001 84 Oh, you won't believe what happened. The budget for our agricultural research was reduced...again!
2 tlk45350251_03_msg0002 84 After the incident in Temperantia, it looks like many nations are giving more priority to military development.
3 tlk45350251_03_msg0003 84 Uraya is a given, but the surrounding nations are following suit as well.
4 tlk45350251_03_msg0004 84 And of course, Mor Ardain can't afford to fall behind!
5 tlk45350251_03_msg0005 84 If we don't redouble our own military efforts, the other countries could become a very real threat.
6 tlk45350251_03_msg0006 84 But of course, what that means for us is our research funding gets diverted to military research instead.
7 tlk45350251_03_msg0007 84 I know it's an emergency, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating.