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1 tlk45320651_03_msg0001 84 I heard a rumor that the inventor of artificial Blades lived in Torigoth, so I went to pay him a visit.
2 tlk45320651_03_msg0002 84 Unfortunately, I couldn't get him to tell me any juicy secrets about artificial Blades.
3 tlk45320651_03_msg0003 84 I did get to see a bunch of the materials used to make them, though.
4 tlk45320651_03_msg0004 84 Tetra-Circle!
5 tlk45320651_03_msg0005 84 Snake Joint!
6 tlk45320651_03_msg0006 84 Black Ash!
7 tlk45320651_03_msg0007 84 Delta Vessel!
8 tlk45320651_03_msg0008 84 Rabbit Diode!
9 tlk45320651_03_msg0009 84 Morph Orb!
10 tlk45320651_03_msg0010 84 Photonic Coil!
11 tlk45320651_03_msg0011 84 Fairy-Tale Belt Pulley!
12 tlk45320651_03_msg0012 84 Arc Indicator!
13 tlk45320651_03_msg0013 84 ...That was as much as I got to see, but I suspect the list goes on for at least ten times that length.
14 tlk45320651_03_msg0014 84 At any rate, I intend to visit Professor Tatazo again in the near future. I'll get those juicy secrets out of him yet!