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1 tlk45320153_01_msg0001 84 Welcome to Bathein Watchtower.
2 tlk45320153_01_msg0002 84 This right here may be the best vantage point in all Mor Ardain. You can see the whole of the Titan's right shoulder.
3 tlk45320153_01_msg0003 84 When monsters approach, we send 'em flying with the cannons in Grian, Wing Area #2, which you came here through.
4 tlk45320153_01_msg0004 84 It's me and my comrade's job to keep watch every day and make sure nothing seems amiss.
5 tlk45320153_01_msg0005 84 By the way, that comrade I mentioned is always slacking off somewhere. So I basically keep watch on my own.