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1 tlk45320152_10_msg0001 84 Oh, where am I going to find a good teacher?
2 tlk45320152_10_msg0002 84 Well, my dream is to become a cool and powerful Driver like Lady Mòrag.
3 tlk45320152_10_msg0003 84 I'd love to be able to wield a Blade as magnificent as Lady Brighid someday!
4 tlk45320152_10_msg0004 84 But I don't know anyone with the skills to train me to reach that kind of level.
5 tlk45320152_10_msg0005 84 I'm looking for a great teacher who could train me to become stronger!
6 tlk45320152_10_msg0006 84 Oh, you know someone who could help me?!
7 tlk45320152_10_msg0007 84 That's wonderful! You'll have to introduce me to them soon!