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1 tlk45320123_02_msg0001 84 I transferred here thinking Gormott was a peaceful place.
2 tlk45320123_02_msg0002 84 But now we have to deal with terrorists even Lady Mòrag can't catch?! How're grunts like us going to stand a chance?!
3 tlk45320123_02_msg0003 84 Torna must be seething after we caught one of their own!
4 tlk45320123_02_msg0004 84 What if they're out to exact their revenge?!
5 tlk45320123_02_msg0005 84 Even if I wanted to go back to the homeland, with Consul Dughall gone there's nobody to grant approval!
6 tlk45320123_02_msg0006 84 I can't take it any more! None of us are going to leave this place alive!!!