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1 tlk45320122_06_msg0001 84 Gah... If only there was someone who could help...
2 tlk45320122_06_msg0002 84 This is just between you and me...
3 tlk45320122_06_msg0003 84 We've received information that the rebel group is doing business in Gormott.
4 tlk45320122_06_msg0004 84 We want to catch the ringleaders and put a stop to their business activities.
5 tlk45320122_06_msg0005 84 If we, the Ardainian army, were sent there, they might just stop their business and vanish.
6 tlk45320122_06_msg0006 84 To avoid that we're trying to recruit capable folk with no connection to us to take on this mission.
7 tlk45320122_06_msg0007 84 But no worthy candidates have appeared, yet...
8 tlk45320122_06_msg0008 84 What? Really?
9 tlk45320122_06_msg0009 84 Now that I know you're on the mission I'm feeling hopeful.
10 tlk45320122_06_msg0010 84 I heard that some of them are armed.
11 tlk45320122_06_msg0011 84 You'd better make good your preparations, and take care out there.