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1 tlk45310158_01_msg0001 84 At the top of this elevator is Alba Cavanich, the imperial capital.
2 tlk45310158_01_msg0002 84 You can buy top quality Core Chips and accessories there, made using cutting- edge Ardainian technology.
3 tlk45310158_01_msg0003 84 Any Driver would be a fool not to pay the place a visit at least once.
4 tlk45310158_01_msg0004 84 Also, most food in the Empire is pretty awful, but there's something called Quoteletta that's actually worth a try.
5 tlk45310158_01_msg0005 84 Stay away from this stuff they call Kascha, though. It's a kind of gruel, but the things they put in it are just...eurgh.