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1 tlk45300451_02_msg0001 84 Hey there.
2 tlk45300451_02_msg0002 84 I knew on some level this might happen from the day I first decided to leave him behind and make a life of my own...
3 tlk45300451_02_msg0003 84 But it still hurts that I didn't get to see my old man again before he died.
4 tlk45300451_02_msg0004 84 You were there for his last moments, weren't you?
5 tlk45300451_02_msg0005 84 I hope he was happy, at least...
6 tlk45300451_02_msg0006 84 My dad's real home was here, in Alba Cavanich. To tell the truth, I was hoping I could bring him back here someday.