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1 tlk45300143_06_msg0001 84 Thanks to your help, this band has grown larger than ever.
2 tlk45300143_06_msg0002 84 Now we've got everything well sorted out, it might be time we tried organizing mock battles with other merc bands.
3 tlk45300143_06_msg0003 84 You think our men are going to grow strong just from doing push-ups and practice swings in the training ground?
4 tlk45300143_06_msg0004 84 Facing enemies in a proper combat situation is the trigger the men need to take a good hard look at themselves.
5 tlk45300143_06_msg0005 84 We've already picked out a team for you to face. You'll help us out, won't you?
6 tlk45300143_06_msg0006 84 'Course, if we're gonna do this thing, both sides should aim for nothing less than victory! Don't you half-arse it.