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1 tlk45300143_01_msg0001 84 This is a training ground for mercenaries who don't have a mission to attend to.
2 tlk45300143_01_msg0002 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]Once a foe's been Toppled, you Launch that sucker!
3 tlk45300143_01_msg0003 84 Then focus your attacks to deal massive damage!
4 tlk45300143_01_msg0004 84 For the finishing blow, Smash 'em to the ground!
5 tlk45300143_01_msg0005 84 [ML:Feeling ]That's what I teach 'em, but they're not always too quick on the uptake.
6 tlk45300143_01_msg0006 84 It's tough to link up attacks like that on your own, so you gotta work with your allies. Takes 'em a while to realize that.