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1 tlk45300054_10_msg0001 84 Well... My life is officially over.
2 tlk45300054_10_msg0002 84 I keep telling him that I can't deal with heights, but the foreman gives me these ridiculous jobs anyway.
3 tlk45300054_10_msg0003 84 He's only told me to take care of the gondola maintenance inspection!
4 tlk45300054_10_msg0004 84 How am I meant to carry out repairs all the way up there?! I'd pass out from the sheer terror of it!
5 tlk45300054_10_msg0005 84 Really? You'd do this for me? You must be the kindest people I've ever met!
6 tlk45300054_10_msg0006 84 Thank you so much! You're lifesavers, you really are!