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1 tlk45300054_02_msg0001 84 Did you hear about the ruckus that happened the other night?
2 tlk45300054_02_msg0002 84 Apparently there was some kind of chase. The military and some mystery individuals, leaping across the rooftops.
3 tlk45300054_02_msg0003 84 I heard there was some scary stuff going down in Gormott, but I never dreamed it would happen here.
4 tlk45300054_02_msg0004 84 Peace has reigned for a while now, but maybe times are starting to take a turn for the worse...
5 tlk45300054_02_msg0005 84 At any rate, I don't know how they managed it, leaping about such precarious places.
6 tlk45300054_02_msg0006 84 I'd probably get a heart attack just thinking about it.