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1 tlk45300015_01_msg0001 84 Ah, Rex, you're back!
2 tlk45300015_01_msg0002 84 Between the fee for mooring Gramps here and for unloading your goods, that'll be 15G in total.
3 tlk45300015_01_msg0003 84 Ready to pay up now?
4 tlk45300015_01_msg0004 165 Pay 15G?
5 tlk45300015_01_msg0009 165 Pay
6 tlk45300015_01_msg0010 165 Don't pay
7 tlk45300015_01_msg0005 84 Thanks a bunch. I dunno what I'd've done if you'd tried to shirk your bill...
8 tlk45300015_01_msg0006 84 Enjoy your stay on Goldmouth, yeah?
9 tlk45300015_01_msg0007 84 Whaaaaat?! You just came by to taunt me, is that it?
10 tlk45300015_01_msg0008 84 Come on, you're a salvager, I know you can afford a measly 15G!
11 tlk45300015_01_msg00101 84 Rex, you've got a lot to be proud of.
12 tlk45300015_01_msg00102 84 Salvaging isn't exactly a stable career.
13 tlk45300015_01_msg00103 84 Some days you might hit the jackpot, but on an unlucky day you might not bring in a single G.
14 tlk45300015_01_msg00104 84 Living independently at your age in a business like can't be easy.
15 tlk45300015_01_msg00105 84 You just keep up the good work, yeah?