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1 tlk45300011_05_msg0001 84 Could I ask a favor of you?
2 tlk45300011_05_msg0002 84 Thing is, we just received a huge delivery from Mor Ardain.
3 tlk45300011_05_msg0003 84 It's much bigger than usual, so we're behind schedule handling it all.
4 tlk45300011_05_msg0004 84 That's why I need your help.
5 tlk45300011_05_msg0005 84 If any of those Blades you've got thinks they're strong enough, could they help out with lugging the stuff?
6 tlk45300011_05_msg0006 84 Thanks for the help.
7 tlk45300011_05_msg0007 84 Might even be able to make up for lost time if things go well.