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1 tlk45300011_04_msg0001 84 So I bought some Tasty Kordeth Samod for my girlfriend on the way home.
2 tlk45300011_04_msg0002 84 One bite of it and she was back to her old chirpy self!
3 tlk45300011_04_msg0003 84 She probably found it a refreshing new taste, 'cos she'd never eaten anything from Tantal before.
4 tlk45300011_04_msg0004 84 Kordeth's a type of sausage, you know. I tried a bit myself too, and it really is good stuff!
5 tlk45300011_04_msg0005 84 There's this succulent juiciness when your teeth sink in. It really works well in Samod.
6 tlk45300011_04_msg0006 84 Best part is, trying out new food gave us something fun to talk about!
7 tlk45300011_04_msg0007 84 Ahh, I'm so glad that Argentum's managed to expand its trade with all these countries...