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1 tlk45200153_10_msg0001 84 H-hey! You look like you can handle yourselves in a fight! C-could you maybe help me out with something?
2 tlk45200153_10_msg0002 84 I-it's the back alleys... They're haunted by a gh...a gh...
3 tlk45200153_10_msg0003 84 Oh come on, do I have to say it?! It's a gh-gh-gh-ghost!
4 tlk45200153_10_msg0004 84 I was hiding in the back alley during a game of hide-and-seek, and I heard this voice like a woman crying!
5 tlk45200153_10_msg0005 84 It's not just me, either! My little sister saw this shadow like a woman with long black hair!
6 tlk45200153_10_msg0006 84 Don't you think that's scary?!
7 tlk45200153_10_msg0007 84 What, really? You'll help?! It might be a real gh-gh-gh-ghost, you know?
8 tlk45200153_10_msg0008 84 All right... I'll leave it to you, then! Just make sure you don't get p-possessed or anything!