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1 tlk45200153_04_msg0001 84 Everyone's saying the Mor Ardain Titan isn't going to be alive for much longer.
2 tlk45200153_04_msg0002 84 Mor Ardain's a big place... Apart from Alba Cavanich, there are cities around its right shoulder and belly as well.
3 tlk45200153_04_msg0003 84 We can't all move to Gormott at once, and apparently they don't even have enough houses there for everyone...
4 tlk45200153_04_msg0004 84 Apparently nobody was expecting the Titan's life to end so soon.
5 tlk45200153_04_msg0005 84 D'you think we're all done for? Is there nothing anyone can do...?
6 tlk45200153_04_msg0006 84 Thanks. If there's anything you can do, please try to help everyone!