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1 tlk45200111_03_msg0001 84 Whoaaa!
2 tlk45200111_03_msg0002 84 You're friends with so many Blades!
3 tlk45200111_03_msg0003 84 I heard something super interesting when me and my mum went along to Rumbletum Canteen...
4 tlk45200111_03_msg0004 84 There's a very bad person somewhere around here. I think they called him a "cork wristel hunter"?
5 tlk45200111_03_msg0005 84 I was kinda far away, so I couldn't hear so well.
6 tlk45200111_03_msg0006 84 I dunno the details exactly, but it sounds pretty exciting! You should go to Rumbletum Canteen and find out!