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1 tlk45100251_01_msg0001 84 Hey listen, me and my mum and dad are all moving to Indol soon!
2 tlk45100251_01_msg0002 84 Hmm... I wonder if you can get Cloud Sea Crab Sticks in Indol too?
3 tlk45100251_01_msg0003 84 Having to leave all my friends behind is bad, but having to leave my favorite foods behind would be even worse...
4 tlk45100251_01_msg0004 84 Hey, I know!
5 tlk45100251_01_msg0005 84 I heard when a country's business is booming, they trade more with other places and you can get imported goods!
6 tlk45100251_01_msg0006 84 So we just have to buy lots of stuff and make business in Indol do great!