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1 tlk44500188_04_msg0001 84 Wonder if you know about the large icicles in Colt Ravine?
2 tlk44500188_04_msg0002 84 They're known for falling and causing avalanches.
3 tlk44500188_04_msg0003 84 There was one just 3 years ago. Another when I was just a boy. I lost my grandpa in it.
4 tlk44500188_04_msg0004 84 It'd be better if someone could knock 'em down, so they wouldn't pose such a risk, but...
5 tlk44500188_04_msg0005 84 the Tantalese army doesn't have any manpower to spare.
6 tlk44500188_04_msg0006 84 We'll just have to wait till they've taken care of what they need to.
7 tlk44500188_04_msg0007 84 Oh, you'll have a word with them?
8 tlk44500188_04_msg0008 84 Hope now they won't cause any more suffering.