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1 tlk44500184_04_msg0001 84 Oh! You seem to know much about the outside world! May we talk?
2 tlk44500184_04_msg0002 84 It's about the Tantal food supply problem.
3 tlk44500184_04_msg0003 84 As you know, all Tantalese ether has been diverted to the creation of Core Chips.
4 tlk44500184_04_msg0004 84 This has turned the environment into a snow desert making it impossible to grow crops...
5 tlk44500184_04_msg0005 84 So if you could find some seeds that can withstand the cold, we might be able to start growing again.
6 tlk44500184_04_msg0006 84 Oh! You'll take it on?
7 tlk44500184_04_msg0007 84 We may be able to bring back a little promise to Tantal if you succeed.