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1 tlk44400287_04_msg0001 84 I heard an interesting rumor.
2 tlk44400287_04_msg0002 84 The Nyoka Drifts are snowswept landscape where man rarely sets foot...
3 tlk44400287_04_msg0003 84 But I've been hearing that the snow has been melting there recently.
4 tlk44400287_04_msg0004 84 I welcome the prospect of an end to the long Tantalese winter, but...
5 tlk44400287_04_msg0005 84 someone will still need to keep an eye on things.
6 tlk44400287_04_msg0006 84 Because it's possible that this problem could spread to all regions of Tantal.
7 tlk44400287_04_msg0007 84 That's what I was hoping you'd say.
8 tlk44400287_04_msg0008 84 Look into things and find the reason for all this.