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1 tlk4440008901_msg0001 84 I released a companion volume to help sell my original book about flowers. What do you think it was about?
2 tlk4440008901_msg0002 84 No, not dashing gentlemen, actually. I wrote a story about beautiful ladies based on all the different flowers!
3 tlk4440008901_msg0003 84 It was a huge hit with male readers. We just can't publish enough copies to meet demand!
4 tlk4440008901_msg0004 84 And that managed to put me up there as a bestselling author!
5 tlk4440008901_msg0051 84 I bet you thought tales of charming young men would never sell, didn't you?
6 tlk4440008901_msg0052 84 The female reader base just can't get enough of the heated drama!
7 tlk4440008901_msg0053 84 I don't imagine I'd have been able to make it if it weren't for you. I greatly appreciate all your support!