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1 tlk44400085_02_msg0001 84 You've come from the outside, haven't you? Allow me to teach you about our city.
2 tlk44400085_02_msg0002 84 You may not know this, but our Crown Prince goes by the name of Zeke.
3 tlk44400085_02_msg0003 84 He looks much like his father, King Eulogimenos. Very sharp, striking features. But unlike his father...
4 tlk44400085_02_msg0004 84 Go on... I'm listening.
5 tlk44400085_02_msg0005 84 Eeek! Your Highness! Err, umm...but unlike his father, he...he has a very... entertaining mode of expression!
6 tlk44400085_02_msg0006 84 So people find me funny? Excellent! That's just what I was going for!
7 tlk44400085_02_msg0007 84 Whenever he opens his mouth, there is an incessant flow of verbal...nobility.
8 tlk44400085_02_msg0008 84 Sorry if I'm not being very specific... I'm sure you'll understand if you talk to him.