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1 tlk44310185_04_msg0001 84 *big sigh*
2 tlk44310185_04_msg0002 84 Problem? Yeah, you could say that.
3 tlk44310185_04_msg0003 84 All right, so you know that they refine Core Chips in the palace?
4 tlk44310185_04_msg0004 84 Ether gets collected in the plaza's ether furnace. That's then channeled into the palace for refinement.
5 tlk44310185_04_msg0005 84 And because the ether runs beneath the capital, it means the temperature here's much warmer than the outside.
6 tlk44310185_04_msg0006 84 Since the ether furnace is always running day in, day out, it absolutely has to have regular inspections.
7 tlk44310185_04_msg0007 84 Thing is, due to a certain incident, we're too short-staffed to find anyone who can check up on the furnace.
8 tlk44310185_04_msg0008 84 You'll lend us some manpower? Oh, that's fantastic news!
9 tlk44310185_04_msg0009 84 So we'll be able to keep on top of the inspections after all and Theosoir can stay nice and toasty!