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1 tlk44300181_03_msg0001 84 Ahhh! It's you!
2 tlk44300181_03_msg0002 84 You defeated Thanatobeast Andraz, didn't you?
3 tlk44300181_03_msg0003 84 Please, tell me what happened, in as much detail as you can!
4 tlk44300181_03_msg0004 84 Mmhmm! Go on, go on...
5 tlk44300181_03_msg0005 84 So in the end, you were not able to defeat it, but Zenobia smashed it high into the sky?
6 tlk44300181_03_msg0006 84 Oh, what good fortune I have today, that I may have the honor to meet such a mighty warrior as Zenobia!
7 tlk44300181_03_msg0007 84 And His Highness Zeke and his loyal cohorts as well, of course!
8 tlk44300181_03_msg0008 84 I will weave your tale into a ballad for the ages! And I'll embellish the truth a touch with a third and final verse.
9 tlk44300181_03_msg0009 84 Let there be another legend born today in Tantal!