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1 tlk44300181_02_msg0001 84 Those eyes look like the eyes of a soul seeking a ballad, am I right?
2 tlk44300181_01_msg0002 84 But I'm afraid I can't sing for you alone.
3 tlk44300181_01_msg0003 84 The Ballad of Addam's Embercakes is particularly popular right now.
4 tlk44300181_01_msg0004 84 You know embercakes? They're selling like hotcakes at Lectica Vegetables. It's one of Theosoir's specialties!
5 tlk44300181_01_msg0005 84 They say it was Addam's favorite food, and that he would always eat one before battle.
6 tlk44300181_01_msg0006 84 The saying goes that a Driver who can stomach spicy food will be equally as strong in battle.