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1 tlk43700241_04_msg0001 84 It's best if you switch around your Aux Cores to best suit your Blades and the enemies you're up against.
2 tlk43700241_04_msg0002 84 Like if you're up against enemies that only appear at night, equip Night Vision.
3 tlk43700241_04_msg0003 84 Or if you move around a lot to get into better positions, Movement Heal is what you want.
4 tlk43700241_04_msg0004 84 See? I've got myself genned up on Aux Cores so I can defend myself the next time the Aegis wants a fight!
5 tlk43700241_04_msg0005 84 I know so much about Aux Cores now, I've even got friends coming to me for advice.
6 tlk43700241_04_msg0006 84 I'm actually surprised myself. Never thought I was the type to get myself so invested in something!
7 tlk43700241_04_msg0007 84 Guess I have to thank the Aegis for that too!