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1 tlk43600141_01_msg0103 84 Concerned
2 tlk43600142_01_msg0001 84 The only ones who seem to come to me for money are the ones under sorry circumstances.
3 tlk43600142_01_msg0002 84 You saw for yourself, didn't you?
4 tlk43600142_01_msg0003 84 We're on the verge of war with Mor Ardain and the people have to get by on rations.
5 tlk43600142_01_msg0004 84 But the nobles in their ivory towers are living as extravagantly as ever.
6 tlk43600142_01_msg0005 84 The mercenaries don't seem to have it quite so bad either, as it's normal for them to be hired as soldiers.
7 tlk43600142_01_msg0006 84 What I'm saying is that there's disparity in the social classes.
8 tlk43600142_01_msg0007 84 And I won't deny it, I'm just as guilty of exploiting others for my own benefit! Ha ha ha...