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1 tlk45300143_06_msg0001 84 I suppose we've you to thank for the Merc Group's tremendous growth.
2 tlk45300143_06_msg0002 84 Now we've got a rock-solid foundation, it might be a good time to try staging mock battles with other groups.
3 tlk45300143_06_msg0003 84 Well, we're not going to get anywhere with just bodybuilding and practice swings at the training ground, are we?
4 tlk45300143_06_msg0004 84 No, I think it's a good opportunity to put ourselves to the test and see how we measure up to the rest!
5 tlk45300143_06_msg0005 84 Glad you agree, young'un!
6 tlk45300143_06_msg0006 84 It so happens we've got one such individual lined up for you to fight already. Well? What do you say?
7 tlk45300143_06_msg0007 84 Needless to say, this match is the real deal, so you better give it your all out there, you hear?