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1 tlk45300143_05_msg0001 84 I've never felt the Urayan Titan shake like that before, not ever.
2 tlk45300143_05_msg0002 84 I can't believe we're really going to join all the other Titans at the World Tree...
3 tlk45300143_05_msg0003 84 Is this the end of Alrest as we know it?
4 tlk45300143_05_msg0004 84 Well, come what may, you can be sure I'll be watching out for Garfont!
5 tlk45300143_05_msg0005 84 I was a skilled Driver in my time, you know! I've had a couple of decades' rest, so I'll fight tooth and claw for us!
6 tlk45300143_05_msg0006 84 Ah!
7 tlk45300143_05_msg0007 84 Almost forgot... I don't have a Blade.