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1 tlk45300143_01_msg0001 84 Mercs who haven't been assigned missions undergo training here.
2 tlk45300143_01_msg0002 84 Launch a toppled enemy into the air!
3 tlk45300143_01_msg0003 84 Then focus your attacks on it and deal it some major damage!
4 tlk45300143_01_msg0004 84 And finally, finish it off with a good old smash!
5 tlk45300143_01_msg0005 84 ...That's what I keep telling 'em, but they can't seem to get it right.
6 tlk45300143_01_msg0006 84 They'll never be able do all of that by themselves. You need teamwork, that's what. Eh, they'll work it out eventually.