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1 tlk43420145_02_msg0001 84 You're saying the leader of the Garfont Mercenaries is dead?
2 tlk43420145_02_msg0002 84 I'm a mercenary, so I knew Vandham.
3 tlk43420145_02_msg0003 84 When I was a newbie we went out on a mission to subjugate Ignas together. He gave me some good advice.
4 tlk43420145_02_msg0004 84 Like, "Some enemies are immune to Driver Combos," and "Watch an enemy to find its weak spot". That kinda thing.
5 tlk43420145_02_msg0005 84 I'm a bit reckless, so I'd just try and kite the enemy. He put me straight on that.
6 tlk43420145_02_msg0006 84 We've lost a great man...