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1 tlk43400542_01_msg0001 84 Welcome!
2 tlk43400542_01_msg0002 84 This is the best restaurant in Fonsa Myma, if I do say so myself.
3 tlk43400542_01_msg0003 84 ...Well, we get some drongos in here, so it's more of a pub than anything...
4 tlk43400542_01_msg0004 84 There are lots of places like this in Fonsa Myma.
5 tlk43400542_01_msg0005 84 All the mercs who get off duty come in to eat and booze, and just have a laugh and let their hair down.
6 tlk43400542_01_msg0006 84 Also gives them a chance to talk about their next assignments.
7 tlk43400542_01_msg0007 84 Well, hope you fit in here.