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1 tlk43400541_06_msg0001 84 It's just as I thought... We're not going to get much further without outside help...
2 tlk43400541_06_msg0002 84 Uraya prospers from its Gromrice production, as I'm sure you know.
3 tlk43400541_06_msg0003 84 That's why we're ploughing on with our Gromrice research, night and day.
4 tlk43400541_06_msg0004 84 But recently we've been making poor progress and have ground to a halt.
5 tlk43400541_06_msg0005 84 That's why we're on the lookout for some plant experts. Driver, Blade, Nopon, it doesn't matter.
6 tlk43400541_06_msg0006 84 If you find anyone suitable, could you send them our way?
7 tlk43400541_06_msg0007 84 Thanks, that's a big help.
8 tlk43400541_06_msg0008 84 Looking forward to next time.