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1 tlk43320242_06_msg0001 84 Oh! You showed up at just the right time!
2 tlk43320242_06_msg0002 84 You already know that the Urayan Titan swallows down stuff from the outside now and again, right?
3 tlk43320242_06_msg0003 84 I mean, you should know. You're some of the stuff it swallowed, aincha?
4 tlk43320242_06_msg0004 84 That's exactly what I wanted to ask you about.
5 tlk43320242_06_msg0005 84 I need you to go check if anything dangerous washed up with all that junk.
6 tlk43320242_06_msg0008 84 OK!
7 tlk43320242_06_msg0009 84 If you do find something dodgy, don't touch it. It might be hazardous.
8 tlk43320242_06_msg0010 84 Just let me know about it if you find some.