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1 tlk43310148_04_msg0001 84 Queen Raqura's kinda mellowed out a bit. Not sure if I like it.
2 tlk43310148_04_msg0002 84 I was pretty shocked that she accepted that ceasefire from the Ardainians.
3 tlk43310148_04_msg0003 84 Torna may have been up to no good, but it was still the Ardainians who dug up that Judician Titan weapon.
4 tlk43310148_04_msg0004 84 It was their fault. I dunno how we can just let them off the hook like that?
5 tlk43310148_04_msg0005 84 Maybe it's 'cos that Ardainian Blade saved the Queen.
6 tlk43310148_04_msg0006 84 But I can't help wondering if the Ardainians didn't cook up that little drama themselves...
7 tlk43310148_04_msg0007 84 It bugs me, is all...