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1 tlk43310141_05_msg0001 84 These Titans are packing some awesome power. But it has its limits.
2 tlk43310141_05_msg0002 84 If there are many more clashes like that between Uraya and Mor Ardain...well...
3 tlk43310141_05_msg0003 84 ...all their power will be spent. And that'll be it for this country.
4 tlk43310141_05_msg0004 84 We think of Mor Ardain as the enemy. But if the Titan goes down, then a whole lot of people are going to die.
5 tlk43310141_05_msg0005 84 That's not something I really like to think about.
6 tlk43310141_05_msg0006 84 We should've tried to sort this out when we still had time to do it.