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1 tlk43310141_01_msg0001 84 Don't you think Titan battleships are wonderful? There's something so inspiring about their majestic forms.
2 tlk43310141_01_msg0002 84 The reason I joined the maintenance corps was so I'd get to see all the detailed workings of ships like this.
3 tlk43310141_01_msg0003 84 Urayan battleships make the most of the Titan's natural features. It's a key design philosophy.
4 tlk43310141_01_msg0004 84 With ships like that, maintenance is all about keeping the Titan healthy and looking after the organic nanotubes.
5 tlk43310141_01_msg0005 84 I feel a little bad for the weaponized Titans though. When war breaks out, they get sent to the frontlines.
6 tlk43310141_01_msg0006 84 Breaks my heart when they come back and they're all smashed up. It really gets me.