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1 tlk43300046_08_msg0001 84 There's something on my mind.
2 tlk43300046_08_msg0002 84 Uraya is famous for its traditional handcrafted crockery that's carved from shells and carapaces.
3 tlk43300046_08_msg0003 84 I quite like the thought of using them to serve the food I make, in the future.
4 tlk43300046_08_msg0004 84 I mean, isn't it great when the food can boast both great taste and presentation?
5 tlk43300046_08_msg0005 84 Ah, but the dishes go up in price along with the quality, so I don't think they're within my range...
6 tlk43300046_08_msg0006 84 So I thought, why not make them myself? But then, even as a cook I've got a long way to go, so...
7 tlk43300046_08_msg0007 84 Seriously? Wow, that'd be a massive help!
8 tlk43300046_08_msg0008 84 I hope you can make it a good one!