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1 tlk43300046_08_msg0001 84 While I was slaving to perfect my Roast Meat Tagliata, things have gone downhill out there in the world...
2 tlk43300046_08_msg0002 84 I didn't realize at all.
3 tlk43300046_08_msg0003 84 I think I'd like to cook some food for the refugees in Fonsa Myma, give them at least a little bit of joy.
4 tlk43300046_08_msg0004 84 Even though I only know how to make Roast Meat Tagliata...
5 tlk43300046_08_msg0005 84 Still, I can take pride in it, so long as the food serves a good purpose.
6 tlk43300046_08_msg0006 84 It can be my way of serving Queen Raqura for saving my hometown from the flood all those years ago.