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1 tlk43300046_01_msg0001 84 Hey. I'm a prep cook.
2 tlk43300046_01_msg0002 84 That means I wash dishes, peel vegetables, that sorta thing.
3 tlk43300046_01_msg0003 84 Yeah, yeah. I know, OK? I'm only just starting out.
4 tlk43300046_01_msg0004 84 I was a mercenary till right recently.
5 tlk43300046_01_msg0005 84 I'd always launch the enemy in the air, then smash them into the ground for massive damage. I loved that combo.
6 tlk43300046_01_msg0006 84 ...Ah, but now, my biggest dream is to become a cook at the court.
7 tlk43300046_01_msg0007 84 I like to imagine Queen Raqura one day eating the food that I made! But for now I gotta keep peeling.