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1 tlk43300011_03_msg0001 84 News travels fast. Everyone round here already knows the Garfont mercs lost their leader.
2 tlk43300011_03_msg0002 84 He was a legend in his own right, to build up an elite squad like that all by himself.
3 tlk43300011_03_msg0003 84 My old man was always gushing with praise for the guy.
4 tlk43300011_03_msg0004 84 But now our shining star is gone. I thought that'd be the end of the Garfont mercs, but I was wrong.
5 tlk43300011_03_msg0005 84 Looks like a buncha kids carried on the tradition, so they're still going strong.
6 tlk43300011_03_msg0006 84 Still, it ain't gonna be easy keeping it all ticking, even with all the old works in place.
7 tlk43300011_03_msg0007 84 You've gotta keep the squads busy, and build up experience and trust or the whole thing'll fall flat on its face.
8 tlk43300011_03_msg0008 84 If they manage to actually pull it off though? Then the mercs'll have a bright future ahead of them.