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1 tlk43200142_03_msg0001 84 You ever pay any attention to how developed countries are, do ya?
2 tlk43200142_03_msg0002 84 If a country gets a bit more developed, there's a whole lot more jobs goin' for Merc Groups!
3 tlk43200142_03_msg0003 84 Some o' those jobs might wind up making the traders have more stuff for sale too, I dare say!
4 tlk43200142_03_msg0004 84 When you're doing a job, it's not just a job! No! It's making the whole country better! Ever think of that!
5 tlk43200142_03_msg0005 84 That's my dad's latest lecture.
6 tlk43200142_03_msg0006 84 I gotta do everything I can to develop my country and make the Merc Group stronger.