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1 tlk43100143_02_msg0001 84 My dad's a mercenary. He does jobs all over Alrest.
2 tlk43100143_02_msg0002 84 When he goes somewhere, he usually brings me back a Core Chip.
3 tlk43100143_02_msg0003 84 Some day I'll have a Blade of my own to give all my chips to!
4 tlk43100143_02_msg0004 84 But...Core Chips get used up once you've used them, right?
5 tlk43100143_02_msg0005 84 So it's a bit of a waste if you just give them abilities they've already got.
6 tlk43100143_02_msg0006 84 Best to give 'em one that'll improve just the one that you want.