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1 tlk42450251_11_msg00001 84 Waaaah! Rex! It good to see you!
2 tlk42450251_11_msg00002 84 Periperi just whiling away time, watching ships go by till cargo all loaded on board.
3 tlk42450251_11_msg00003 84 What Rex say to meal together? Nice tasty Samod or somesuch?
4 tlk42450251_11_msg00004 84 Sorry... I'm kind of busy at the moment.
5 tlk42450251_11_msg00005 84 Mehhh... That too bad...
6 tlk42450251_11_msg00006 84 Periperi thought, would be nice to make happy memories before set out on long, long voyage...
7 tlk42450251_11_msg00007 84 Ah, never mind Periperi. Is just being melodramatic. Rex keep up doing good work with salvaging!