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1 tlk42450113_02_msg0001 84 Welcome to Lemour Inn! Rest-place of all traders!
2 tlk42450113_02_msg0002 84 I'd like to rest up a bit.
3 tlk42450113_02_msg0003 84 Thank very much for custom! We has rooms free!
4 tlk42450113_02_msg0101 84 Was sleep pleasant?
5 tlk42450113_02_msg0102 84 Yep, slept like a log.
6 tlk42450113_02_msg0103 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]Resting at an inn is so different from sleeping in that hut on Gramps' back...
7 tlk42450113_02_msg0104 84 I even feel like I've got a little stronger.
8 tlk42450113_02_msg0105 84 Right, time to head to the meeting point!
9 tlk42450113_02_msg0106 84 It was at Goldmouth Exit Dock, right?
10 tlk42450113_02_msg0107 84 [ML:Feeling ]Please taking care!
11 tlk42450113_02_msg0201 84 Actually, I think I'll wait a bit longer before resting up.
12 tlk42450113_02_msg0202 84 Very well! We always waiting!