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1 tlk42450111_04_msg0001 84 Kokoi have terrible habit of falling for Drivers.
2 tlk42450111_04_msg0002 84 Heart of Kokoi skip beat now for so many Driver, started to notice interesting pattern.
3 tlk42450111_04_msg0003 84 Brave Driver have trend of using fire and water Blades.
4 tlk42450111_04_msg0004 84 Compassionate Driver inclined to have earth and electric Blades.
5 tlk42450111_04_msg0005 84 And honest Driver tend to use wind and ice Blades.
6 tlk42450111_04_msg0006 84 And lastly...
7 tlk42450111_04_msg0007 84 Meh?! Why you distract Kokoi like this?! Need to get back to work! Long line of customer lining up!