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1 tlk42450111_03_msg0001 84 Kokoi has fallen in love with lots of Drivers in past.
2 tlk42450111_03_msg0002 84 But lately something bother Kokoi.
3 tlk42450111_03_msg0003 84 Some Driver have two or three Blade.
4 tlk42450111_03_msg0004 84 Some Driver even switch between Blades in battle with expert timing and keep attack going!
5 tlk42450111_03_msg0005 84 Some Driver even consider Blade elements, and use Driver Combo and Blade Combo, so no chance for enemy!
6 tlk42450111_03_msg0006 84 So Kokoi just think, if Kokoi marry Driver like that someday... When start fighting like all married couple...
7 tlk42450111_03_msg0007 84 Kokoi be at big disadvantage fighting against Driver and three Blade!
8 tlk42450111_03_msg0008 84 Terrifying thought!
9 tlk42450111_03_msg0009 84 Meh-meh?! Kokoi talk so long that lots customer arrive! Must go back to work!